Payment Terms for AT Asten


1.       Spot Cash

a.       95% Spot Full Down Payment (9% disc on Selling Price); 5% Dated April 7,2016


2.       Bank Financing

a.       10% Spot Full Downpayment (w/ 10% disc); another 10% in 36 mos  w/o interest (for Spot 20% DP, 5% disc on 20% Spot DP shall apply)

b.      10% Dp  (w/5% disc); 10% balance in remaining months to complete the 36mos DP

c.       20% payable up to 36 months w/o interest

d.      20% payable up to 42 months w/o interest (selected units; please refer to the memo)


3.       Deferred Cash

a.       10% Spot Full Down Payment 90% 48mos w/o interest

b.      100% payable up to 48 mos w/o interest

By Makaticondo

Avida Towers 5 Brand Pillars

1. Accessible Location
-every place is accessible to an Avida property.
-travelling is stress free since public transporation is easily reached.
-within the proximity of vital centers (nearby schools, churches, hospitals and malls)

2. Unique Features & Amenities
– wide selection fit for any budget
– light enchancing & spacious floor plan options
–  amenities are aimed at providing practical & leisure use.

3. Quality Assurance
  – provides unit specifications and warranties 915 yrs structural warranty & 1 yr workmanship warranty)
  – presences of APMC as a strong Property Management
  – Titles are guaranteed clean.
4. Stress-Free Buying Experience
  –  there is value for money.
  –  self liquidating asset. Return of Investment
  –  feel the conviniece from Reservation up to your move in.
5. Relaxing Living Experience
  – 24/7 Tight security
  – property & amenities remain in top shape

– protecting the value of your investment overtime